Etobicoke Public School Rankings

I have ranked the public elementary schools in Etobicoke based on the average EQAO scores for the last five years.  Looking at more than one year is important to make sure that the school is delivering consistent results.  I would recommend any of the schools in the top 20.  The good news is that it covers schools from many  neighbourhoods across Etobicoke.  Each school does have boundaries that you must live within to attend the school.  These boundaries sometime change from year to year so make sure that you check with the school to make sure the home that you are considering purchasing is in the catchment area.




1 Sunnylea Public School Sunnylea
2 Lambton Kingsway The Kingsway
3 Rosethorne Princess/Rosethorn
4 Humberwood Downs West Humber Clairville
5 John D parker Mount Olive/jamestown
6 Wedgewood Eatonville
7 Princess Margaret Princess Margaret
8 West Humber West Humber
9 Humber Valley Village The Kingsway
10 Briarcrest Junior School Etobicoke West Mall
11 Millwood Markland Wood
12 Park Lawn Sunnylea
13 Seventh Street Junior School Mimico
14 Mill Valley Junior School Markland Wood
15 Norseman Stonegate/Queensway
16 Highfield Junior School Mount Olive
17 Beaumonde Heights Junior Middle School Beaumonde Heights
18 Sir Adam Beck Junior School Alderwood
19 James S Bell Long Branch
20 Eatonville Eatonville
21 Islington Islington City Center
22 Albion Heights West Humber
23 John English Mimico
24 Claireville Junior School Clairville
25 Parkfield Willowridge/Martingrove
26 Valleyfield Kingsview Village/Westway
27 David Hornell Junior School Mimico
28 Westway Westway
29 Westmount Junior School Humber Heights
30 Rivercrest Junior School Rexdale
31 North Kipling Mount Olive
32 Second Street Mimico
33 Kingsview Village Junior School Humber Summit
34 Lanor Jr & Md S Alderwood
35 Kingsview Village Junior School  Kingsview Village
36 Broadacres Junior School The Westway
37 Wellesworth Junior School The West Mall
38 George R Gauld Mimico
39 The Elms Elms/Old Rexdale
40 Elmlea Junior School The Elms
41 Melody Village Junior School Mount Olive/Silverstone
42 West Glen Junior School Islington City Center
43 Étienne Brûlé Junior School Stonegate/Queensway
44 Twentieth Street Junior School Long Branch