Etobicoke French Immersion Schools

I am very impartial to French Immersion as both my kids went through the Early French Immersion and it was such a positive experience.  Even though I recognize it is not for all kids, I would recommend you consider it if your child has a strong command of the English language and is looking for a an enriched program.

There are three different options that you can take to introduce your child to French Immersion. There is an Early French Immersion Program that starts in Senior Kindergarten, a Junior Extended Program that begins in grade 4, and a Grade 7 Extended French Program.

The Early French Immersion program begins in Senior Kindergarten. You must apply for these programs during the Junior Kindergarten year. This program offers complete French instruction in the classroom for all subjects until the end of Grade 3. English instruction is gradually introduced beginning in Grade 4 until it becomes a half-day program in Grades 6 to 8.  To view a list of the schools that offer Early French Immersion Schools Click Here

The Junior Extended French program begins at the grade 4 level. Students in this program spend 50% of their day in French instruction from grade 4-8 at the Extended French school. The subjects taught in French are French Language Arts, Social Studies and The Arts. English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science are taught in English.

The Grade 7 Extended French program offers students who have successfully completed three years of Core French the option to enter into a more intensive program in grade 7. These students spend approximately 40% of their day in French classes at the Extended French school.

Designated school pathways have been developed to ensure that students have a continuation of program from the Senior Kindergarten entry to the end of Grade 12 with all French Options.

There are not separate rankings for French Immersion as it is typically part of a school that has both the English stream and the French Immersion stream.  I have included a link of the French Immersion Schools.